Here we have some simple steps for you on how to use this website. There is nothing particularly difficult about using it. However it is an English language based website first as we need to drive foreign speaking people to you. Too do this English must be the prominent language.

You can see on the bottom left of every page a language option if your web browser does not automatically correct the language first. Please click the Japanese flag for Japanese.


The language option is the first step on your way to list your automotive company using our service.

Why Use Us

We are also in the automotive business. In the past 20 years we have watched this auto industry change here in Japan and noted that its possibly not changing in the best way for the everyday medium or small sized business with the big players taking the bulk of the business. We are not here to stop those companies but we want to offer an affordable alternative to them and other large online portals like TCV and Jumvia that we can all afford at a reasonable membership fee. We are not here to compete with those companies but rather offer a cheaper alternative that shows off your company first and foremost. Buyers want trust and we aim to promote that about your automotive business if you meet our criteria. We provide Trust.

Three Very Affordable Adverting Packages

We have 3 basic adverting packages for you to list your business page with us.

  1. Free. Yes we all love free advertising as any free advertising is good advertising. Our free listing option allows you to put your automotive business online for a total of 6 months. You have all the options available as a paid listing would have. This is a great plan and will get you going for your first 6 months.
  2. Advanced. This option gives you 1 year of complete service. You have options such as adding Whatsapp, Claiming your listing and also having your listing featured. The fee for a full year is under 27,000 JPY which is 50% less than alternatives mentioned above. Plus there is no fee for email contacts. 
  3. Premium. Our premium option is a simple pay and forget plan that goes for a full 3 years. Thats right! Once you have picked this package you can check back and see whats going on or update it but basically for the next 3 years it goes to work for you. Its a great choice for those who are too busy and are on the move. 

How To Use This Website

Once you have selected your preferred language the steps are very easy from there. Here are the steps


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Auction Agent Japan step 1



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Important Note Before Proceeding

This website was not designed for the advertising of stock. There are already enough websites doing that and we don’t aim to compete either directly or indirectly with them. This website is about advertising your company and how good your company is. Potential buyers will find your business here and contact your website or advertising platform directly. We allow you to push everything about you and your company here with the potential to boost your online presence which will return you more overseas and domestic clients. We all need more business and online presence. This website is a great inexpensive way to do both. Just because you have a website of your own will not guarantee business from Google or Yahoo.