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About Us

This Website Is About Partnerships For Sellers & Buyers

The Concept Behind It All

Buying a car from Japan should be easy and our job is to help you along with that process.

A group of us saw the need some years ago for a platform that was not based on advertising of cars first and relationships second. So many Car Dealer platforms out there are simply pushing cars at you and generating massive sales first and customer satisfaction second.

We also noticed that our own websites were being swallowed by the shear volume of new and inexperienced Car Exporters and Auction Agents springing up almost daily here in Japan. Some of our board members have over 30 years in the business and feel they have more to offer than being relegated to the 15th page on Google.

These quality experienced exporters are being overlooked sometimes due to this placement and you the buyer are potentially missing out on the security you need from an experienced caring exporter who has put in the miles of hard work.

Auction Agent Japan

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My name is Charles and I will navigate you on this website

This is where Auction Agent Japan has grown from.

Our platform screens out the riff and the raff first. We qualify all our members who must meet the basic standards required to Export and Sell cars from Japan. We show you this information online as a measure of trust so you can be certain our members are government approved and not handshake approved.

Its not just about the buyer only. Here we provide a small safety net for the seller and the buyer. You get to know one another and build trust first. Its not car first! Everyone using this website is tuned to win safely and fairly on the principles of fair trade.

Dont fall short and end up at the wrong place

The internet is a deep place that we have all come to love, hate, respect and require. Today you could not buy a car without checking online first. But where to start, especially when your buying a car from Japan.

Contact a trusted dealer member on our website today and send a simple email or call. Its that simple. If they havent provided enough information for your satisfaction move on to the next one. It wont take long before you find your trusted Export Company or Auction Agent here in Japan using our website. 

Japanese Companies Only

We only allow advertisers from Japan. Yes its a select group only that can be here. We proudly support Japan First.

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