Can You See Your Company On the Internet?

Can You See Your Company On the Internet?

The internet is growing larger millisecond by the millisecond and there are new Auction Agents and car Exporters starting new online businesses every day. It’s a tough world out there and there is little room for second place.

What frustrates us here in Japan as long term exporters are not the competition but where the competition is coming from. Have you searched on Google or Yahoo for Japanese Car Exporters or Auction Agents? Few results will be from Japan with others coming out of Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, and the UK. This is ok that they are buying and selling cars from Japan but the search should result in Japanese dealers showing up first.

If you use our website you will be one of a selected special group who has the opportunity to advertise here. We only allow Japanese companies. No companies outside of Japan can advertise with us. We also limit who can advertise with us however as long as you have the official government approval it’s easy.

Our first 6 months are free and after that our service is the best price in Japan for getting your name on the front of the internet.

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